2023 Case Set 2 - Accreditation & Questions Booklet

Click the following link to access the Accreditation and Questions Booklet: 2023 Slide Survey Online - Case Set 2: Accreditation & Questions Booklet

Instructions for Online Responses

Follow these steps to engage with each of the five cases and complete the course:

  1. Download the Accreditation & Questions Booklet.
  2. Review the case content including the virtual slide, images and clinical history.
  3. Complete the pre-test. The pre-test may only be completed once. Your answers do not affect your ability to complete the course. You must click “Finish” for your answers to be submitted.
  4. Review the Discussion. The discussion may only be accessed after the pre-test is completed.
  5. Review the case content again, then complete the post-test. Correct any incorrect answers from the pre-test. (Note: You must score an 80% on each post-test. You have an unlimited number of attempts). You must click “Finish” for your answers to be submitted.
  6. The Discussion & References Booklet will become available after you pass each post-test.
  7. Complete the evaluation.
  8. Claim Credit: Once you have scored 80% or higher on each post-test, you may claim credit.
  9. Download your certificate.
  10. Several months after your completion of the case-set, you will be asked to complete a follow-up survey to indicate changes in your practice. This is part of the requirements for ABPath's Improvement in Medical Practice credit.

Navigating the Course

You may use the left-hand navigation menu to jump between cases. The circles on the left-hand navigation menu indicate whether or not a course object has been completed. An empty circle or half-green circle means that the object has not been completed. Please note that the pre-test for a given case must be completed before the "Discussion and References" for that case is visible. Further, the Discussion Booklet, evaluation, and credit claiming will not be available until an 80% is achieved on each post-test. If you need to pause the course at any point before its expiration, upon your return you may select "Resume Course."